Dream symbols and interpretations         

 Dream symbols and interpretations

Dream interpretation first appeared in the 4th century B.C. where it was realized that the subconscious mind can bring up our deepest worries and desires through symbols in dreams.

The first step of dream interpretation is to identify those symbols and all the details you remember from your dreams. Then consider what each symbol means to you. Also you should try to find out if the symbols in the dream had something in common.

The second step is to look at your feelings during the dream. What seemed to be the most important part of the dream? Were you feeling happy, sad, afraid or anxious?

After understanding the dream it's time to take action. Take a minute to wonder if the dream could somehow relate to a problem that you have in real life. Look back to the previous days to see if the dream is related to something that happened recently. The most challenging part is to realize what the problem is and to try to solve it.

Learn to understand and analyze your dreams better through our dream interpretation section. Here you will learn how to remember your dreams by keeping a dream journal. You will also learn about dream cycles, states of consciousness and lucid dreams.

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