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Common Dreams
Animals may represent one's parents and their relationship to a parent in particular. Domestic animals usually denote good fortune whilst wild animals symbolize trouble, fears or even misfortune.

Babies generally denote a feeling of vulnerability, or need for love. If you see a pretty baby in your dream you will be fortunate. However, if the baby is ugly or displeasing to you, beware of the people around you, someone might not be worthy of your trust.

Blood symbolizes life, while in women it can also represent creativity. When red, blood symbolizes passion or violence. If you dream of losing blood you may be feeling exhausted. If you dream of causing someone to bleed, you may feel the desire to reduce their power.

Cats symbolize instinct and the female side of the self. If you see a cat in your dreams it might be a sign of developing your intuitive powers. However, if you are being attacked by a cat, beware of fake friends. If there’s a cat screeching in your dream, beware of gossip. A purring cat promises happiness.

Cars generally symbolize power, status and vitality. Pay attention to what your feelings were about the dream? Was it a pleasant journey? Was it a luxurious car or an old clunker? Who was driving? Where the car takes you may represent where your life should be going. If the journey was stressful or ended up in an accident your dream may be a warning to change course in waking life before disaster strikes.

If your dream included you cheating on your partner it might be a sign of guilt, or even your need to explore your sexuality. If your partner is cheating on you in your dream this might indicate inner fears of abandonment or lack of self-esteem.

Usually represents great balance in your life. It might also indicate a crossroad in your life about an important decision. It may also be a sign of something coming to an end in your life, like a relationship, a job etc.

Dreaming of death may simply symbolize your anxiety about dying. However death in dreams is more often a sign of changes in one's life, since resurrection comes after death. A dead person in a dream may be relevant to past relationships with that particular person. If the dead person is you, this might indicate an exhausting and unpleasant life condition; spend some time for your self and let go of everything that stresses you.

Dogs generally symbolize male energy A friendly dog indicates domestic peace and happiness. A vicious dog may be a sign of upcoming health or financial trouble. A fierce dog or a dog attacking you suggests untrustworthy friends or trouble within friendships. A howling dog warns of separation from loved ones. A nervous dog straining at the end of a leash may indicate that you are fed up with a problem. A dog barking happily indicates pleasing social recognition, but if it is barking fiercely, you are being warned of possible legal troubles.

Dreaming of falling may represent the fear of letting go of something or someone, or the loss of control in a situation.

Fire may symbolize various things; sexual or extreme emotions, great passion, hate, anger, need for transformation, need to get rid of things that make you a worse person, or even an actual fever. Dreaming of your house being on fire may indicate a feeling that your life is 'going up in flames'.

Flying indicates a need for freedom or search for love, fortune or a place in life and generally symbolizes your strong mind and will. Flying in dreams is usually a good omen of overcoming obstacles and finding happiness. If you are flying with ease and enjoying the landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. Difficulties in flight might indicate lack of control. If you feel fear when you are flying it suggests that you are afraid of challenges and success.

Hair usually represents conscious knowledge or the lack of it. As Freud said abundant hair may signify virility or male sexuality. Cutting hair may symbolize loss of power and self-esteem or even fear of getting old.

Different rooms within a house represent your varying emotions, ideas and complexes. Going upstairs symbolizes conscious thinking while the basement represents the unconscious mind. A new house represents financial security while an old house is a sign of a reunion or renewal of an old association. Building a house or seeing one under construction forecasts unexpected gain. Seeing a house being demolished indicates grief over a sudden loss.

Was the kissing pleasant? This predicts happiness and contentment. Was it something meaningless and insincere? Then it indicates an untrustworthy friend or disappointment in a love affair. To dream of trying to avoid a kiss from someone you dislike portends a minor illness or a vexing experience. If you dream about watching other people kiss it may indicate feeling lonely or unhappy in your own relationship.

Represents repressed anger. It may also indicate jealousy or a severe emotional stress during which you must make a huge effort to control your temper.

Dreaming of being lost indicates that you are lost in your life, something is missing. This could include love, career, and spirituality. Where you are lost, holds the solution to your problem.

Nudity may symbolize being caught off guard and unprepared for a challenge. It might also symbolize childhood innocence, freedom or a desire for sex or recognition. If you're feeling bad about your nudity it night indicate a vulnerability or a fear of being embarrassed and exposed. If no one else seems to notice your nudity, your fears are unfounded and you are simply making an issue out of nothing.

Such a dream might indicate your need to escape from a situation. If you are being chased pay attention, the pursuer might be a part of your self that you avoid seeing. A dream of being unable to run indicates a lack of self-confidence. A more direct analysis of chase dreams is the fear of being attacked.

Sexuality in dreams depends on the emotions you get. If the feelings are pleasant it is very normal. However if the dream was disturbing you need to explore its meaning. A feeling of dissatisfaction might indicate that your love relationship needs to be renewed. If you dream of being raped it is symbolizing a betrayal of the most powerful kind.

Snakes can symbolize temptation or even betrayal. A snake biting you indicates the betrayal of a friend or an enemy.

Losing teeth symbolizes the fear of getting old or the anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you. It also symbolizes change in one's way of thinking. Teeth also symbolize money. This theory is based on the tooth fairy story told to children that loose teeth.

Water represents the unconscious self. Calm water is usually a sign of fortune, rough waters alert you to reconsider your actions. If you dream of deep water it might indicate that you are afraid of emotional involvement in a relationship. If you are drowning, this might be a warning or a sign that you need more spiritual examination. If you see your reflection in water your subconscious may be trying to draw your attention on an aspect of yourself. Waterfalls in a dream indicate energizing, healthy release of emotions and healing.


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