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Prophetic Dreams
Even though dreams generally symbolize our psychological state some dreams can also have access to information above and beyond the physical senses. There are prophetic or precognitive dreams of the unchangeable and changeable kind. The first kind foretells the future while not giving enough details for any one to change the predetermined outcome. Whatever happened, happened because it was already in the universal plan. Prophetic dreams of the changeable kind allow you to change the future and may sometimes warn you of an impending danger.

In ancient times there existed "dream temples" where people slept and "priests" tried to help them get information in their dreams using various hypnotic techniques. It was also believed that dreams passed through two types of gates to meet the dreamer: a gate made of ivory and another made of horns. If a dream passed through the first gate it was believed to be a warning sign. If it passed through the second gate it was a prophetic dream revealing a future event that could not be changed.

The possibility to know about future events not only causes the disbelief of skeptics but also often scares people who have such dreams. However such dreams can be used to peoplesí benefit and to the benefit of the people around them.


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