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Astral Travel, Out of Body Experiences
An out of body experience (OBE) is quite different from any other kind of dream. Little is known about these dreams since they can't be studied in a laboratory; however those who know about them and do believe in them say there is another part of us called the "astral body". This astral body is actually energy that surrounds our body, and during an OBE it temporarily separates from us. If the astral body is permanently disconnected from the physical body then death occurs.

A person who is experiencing an OBE will sometimes hear a loud sound. The explanation of this phenomenon is that as the astral body lifts from the physical the energy level is suddenly raised and since the body is still connected by a thin line of astral matter this is transferred to the mind as "sound." When the astral body reaches its higher vibratory frequency level the sound disappears, but the sensations grow and take over. There is no mistaking a lucid dream for an OBE and you will know when you wake that you have had an out of body experience.

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